Join me for this free, 90-minute class and discover the Five Things I’ve Learned about American democracy’s essential and lasting role as the inspiration and beacon of hope for all – and about all we must do to continue to protect it today.

Hi I’m Trygve Olson, Senior Adviser to the Lincoln Project and the President of Viking strategies. I invite you to join me for my upcoming class, Five Things I’ve learned about America – and the Enduring Example of Our Democracy.

As I’ll explain during this free, 90-minute session, I believe that with each passing day the values that have shaped America are being perilously challenged and tested – by both political extremism and by the increasing darkness of autocracy and dictatorship.

My perspective has been hard-won: I have spent my professional life working at senior levels on elections in over thirty countries. My career has taken me from the front lines of American political campaigns to the championing democratic resilience against autocrats worldwide. I’m eager to share with you all I’ve learned about this crucial time in our nation’s history.

I’m very happy to say that I’ll be joined in conversation during this session by Resolute Square’s Megan Matson. Together, we’ll look closely at both the values and ideals that have long served as the foundation of global stability and American influence, and at the contemporary challenges we now must be sure to confront directly. Please join me and Megan as we:

  • Look at the true genius of our founding fathers and forebears and our generations challenge and calling.
  • Examine the values and ideals that make America great and keep it the world’s indispensable nation.
  • Investigate rules for confronting autocracy. Autocrats, and their enablers the practical solutions I’ve gained from my experience worldwide to challenge oppressors and their cohorts wherever they may reside.
  • Review the disturbing trend and surge of political extremism and radicalization we’re seeing around the world and a sobering reality America’s not immune from this trend.
  • Look at why America remains the shining city on the hill for countless oppressed individuals.

I hope that you can be part of this Five Things I’ve Learned about America class. I hope, too, that you’ll explore others in this complimentary series.

Despite the challenges we face in our democracy today, my optimism is steadfast. Together, we can ensure that America and our democracy remain an inspiration and beacon of hope for all.

– Trygve Olson