View the archive of my two-hour class and discover the Five Things I’ve Learned about opening up space in our heads, and in our days.

Long before the global pandemic, our lives were spinning out of control. More data and distraction than we knew what to do with. Less time to take care of anything essential. A post-human pace that we could survive only by not being quite human.

As we prepare to return to something like normal, will we find ways to live at a saner pace, with things more in balance? What might help us keep both calm and clarity alive? More and more people these days turn to meditation, or yoga, to qigong or mindful eating. But even for those not ready for a formal practice, there’s something gained—this strange season has reminded us—in stepping back from the rush, in taking a break, in going for a walk or losing yourself in a book, if only so as to remind yourself of what matters most and how to remain close to what truly sustains us.

Drawing upon 30 years of going on retreat (more than 90 times), 33 years of trying to live simply in Japan and 46 years of talking to the Dalai Lama, I’d like to share five things I think I know about opening up space in our heads and our days so that our moments feel unhurried and we can best deal with all life throws at us.

This class will call upon viewer suggestions, on personal experience and on the wisdom of the ages to try to offer concrete, practical tips that anyone can use to try to restore depth and intimacy to her life and to build up what is ultimately our most essential resource: an inner savings-account.

I hope you will join us.