Calling all writers and authors, artists and creatives, collaborators and thrivers! Join me for my new, two-hour class, Five Things I’ve Learned about How Creative Women Thrive!

I know a thing or few about how creative women thrive from years of supporting women writers and artists as they say yes to their creative dreams. It’s a truism that men and women are wired differently. Women thrive in particular situations and in ways that don’t always align with dominant culture, or in ways that are prescribed or mandated.

As a writer/author, coach, and publisher of women’s work, I intimately know women’s stories, women’s longings, and women’s ambitions. I know how valuable it is to honor not only our stories, but our truths, our wisdom, our creative dreams. This session is set for early in the year by design — to support you by sharing all you might need to hear, need to know, or need to voice for what you need to thrive creatively in 2024.

What will we make happen together? There are few moments in our lives when we take stock of the big picture, where we stop and give ourselves kudos for jobs well done, or where we articulate our Big Goals. Women often get stuck between wanting to be seen and feeling like they should stay small; between knowing they have unlimited potential and being told to wait their turn; between burning with ambitions and desires and feeling that it’s somehow unseemly to feel that burn. In these two hours, we’ll turn over some rocks to look at our assumptions, our conditioning, our self-limiting habits that we need to explode over and over and over again.

I have spent a lifetime championing women’s voices and dreams. During our time together, you will be in a supportive circle that wants for you what you want for yourself. You will be invited to dream into your vision for 2024 by considering the five things I know to be true about how women thrive creatively. And undoubtedly you will have your own things to add to this list, which I welcome!

This course is not just for writers. It’s for anyone who dreams of stepping into their full potential. Our time together will support you to name what drives you, what moves you, where you want to step into your power and how you can do that in ways both small and big.  

Join me. Join us. Cast your ambitions for 2024 into this space and manifest it into being.

Name it to claim it! And thank you!

– Brooke Warner