View the archive of my 90-minute class and discover the Five Things I’ve Learned about getting started in the emerging, exciting world of artificial intelligence.

I’m Matt Strain. Most recently, I spent more than seven years in Adobe Research Lab, working as part of a team to explore the intersection of AI and creativity. The lab’s inventions enabled professionals to do things that we once never thought possible. We also invested a lot of time discussing and developing ways to promote responsible uses of technology.

In just the last six months, the pace of development has accelerated dramatically. We’re facing opportunities and challenges today that the experts predicted would take years to arrive. I hope you will join me in my live 90-minute class, Five Things I’ve Learned about Getting Started with A.I. – for Real People, as I share some of what I believe everyone needs to know to get started with the new world of artificial intelligence.

I’ll start by describing my most recent experiences creating a one-of-a-kind cocktail book – one in which all text and imagery was generated by AI. I’ll show you how I used ChatGPT and DALL-E, and how in the process I learned a lot about where we are now – and where we’re headed. Creating your own custom book is great fun. It’s something you can do, too, and I’ll explain how.

During our time together, we’ll also focus on the creative, generative ways to use AI in real life. This will include:

  • Understanding A.I.: I’ll share a simple framework for understanding the components of A.I.. We’ll also decipher the various flavors of A.I. being discussed in the press.
  • A.I. applications: I’ll share a fast look at the tools making the biggest differences today, tools that focus on text-to-text, image generation, and video generation. We’ll discuss their role as your creativity co-pilot.
  • Prompts as the new literature: I’ll explain the essential importance of crafting effective prompts to help get the most out of AI applications. You’ll come to understand why “prompt engineering” is the hot new job.
  • Risks and considerations: I’ll also try to balance the remarkable potential of A.I. with a discussion of its dark side, including mental health risks, privacy concerns, fake news, and existential threats.

As you can imagine, there’s a lot to cover. But the world of artificial intelligence is already upon us, and I’m eager to make sure each of us is positioned to use this technology as a force for good.

I hope you can join me. The focus will be on getting you knowledgeable, comfortable, and motivated to dive in. The real-life examples will inspire more creativity and productivity. If all goes well, you’ll also have a framework to evaluate and respond to the very real ethical considerations that come with these technologies.

Matt Strain